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PRJCTR; invididual
UX & design management
Individual expert

Design Consulting

Apart from mentoring students on regular basis, I offer invoice-based one-time consultations for products that need quick fixes or some help at making right decisions at crossroads. Also, I can lead your in-house designers in the course of your project.

If you think it might be relevant for you, please contact me via email and briefly describe your case.

Design consultations (charity platform) ︎︎︎
Design consultations (commercial) ︎︎︎

I can help you with
- Frameworks: stakeholder interview, in-depth interview, user testing, copy doc, OOUX, heuristic analysis, user persona, CJM, UML/BPNM; wireframing, hi-fi/low-fi prototyping, A/AA compliance, microcopy, writing & editing, being a mentor/being a mentee, ordering everything - templates, review, examples and stories from real-world projects, and more

- Tools: figma, air tables, notion, slack, calendly

- Soft skills: communication with clients, pitching, investments, negotiations and conflicts, work scheduling, small team work, work in different time zones, inclusive communication, startups

- Unfortunately, I will NOT be able to help with things related to job search, work in large companies/products, freelance platforms, animation and illustration.

Who might need consulting
01 — employees of creative & tech industries who want to grow professionally

02 — shooters who understand their profession in general and have a clear application

03 — business executives who want to get into the field to develop their business

04 (only for commercial consultations) — small teams without a leading designer who might need regular guidance

Please, book your fist consultation on the charity platform.